March 17, 2018

Mission Statement

We believe in the comprehensive education which provides a balanced curriculum designed to serve the varied interest and talents of all children. We hold that the basic purpose of education is to develop the curiosity and creativity found in young children. We accept the challenge to help children develop their talents as effectively as possible. We hold that the school, as an educational institution, must not isolate itself from the families of these children, or from the society in which the school exists. We further believe that nowhere in the world have so many children been well educated as in the United States.

We also believe that this superiority lies in the constant search for better ways of teaching and learning. It is our philosophy then, to educate the whole child, emphasizing the development of moral principles as well as the academics by precepts and examples. We endeavor to instill in our children values which will direct them in the creation of a positive self-image. This is the key to a more productive life.

We hold that life without a Christ-centered education is void and unfulfilled. It is our objective to enrich our children’s lives by exposing them to the doctrine of love as it was exhibited by Jesus Christ.

Our motto is “Dream , Dare and Do.”