March 17, 2018

Practice Workbook; Vocabulary/Phonics; Long e pages 19 and 20.

Math Homework Practice; Estimate and Sum and Differences. page 9

Do Spiral Review only on page 10

Phonics/Spelling; Long e pages 16 and 17

Use these spelling words in a paragraph. identified, enterprising, persistence, venture.

Math Skill Practice Workbook; Order Whole Numbers (Review) pages 11 and 12

Problem Solving Practice Workbook; Round Whole Numbers page 5

Reading Text; Re-read the story Kid Reporters At Work; Answer questions 1-4; page 73

Grammar Practice Workbook ; Punctuate Types of Subject and Predicate. pages 8 and 9

Practice Workbook; Vocabulary Strategies page 17

Phonics Workbook Long / e/ page 15

Prepare for our Reading Weekly Assessment tomorrow.

Math Connect Text; Review pages 44-48 for End of Chapter test tomorrow.

New York Ready Math ccls Comparing Whole Numbers; pages 8-13

Reading Text: Read the story KID REPORTERS AT WORK; PAGES 70-73

Journal Writing:- Write about a moment of action as though it were happening in slow motion.

Phonics Practice Workbook:- Long Vowel /a/ page 10-11

Reading Text:- Read the story One Thousand Night and a Night. Answer  questions 1-3

Practice Workbook;- Fluency page 14 and 16.

Vocabulary:- Write the definition of the highlighted words in the reading selection.

Have a Great Week End!!!!!