April 25, 2018

Science Homework

Topic: Chapter Review Nature of Science

Complete Scientific Enterprise and Science All Around worksheet.

Chapter 1 Nature Of Science Test Next Thursday!


English Literature

Topic: Hatchet

Read Chapters 3-4 of Hatchet. Test on Chapters 1-2 on Monday!

English Literature

Novel:Diary of a Young Girl:Anne Frank

Compare the world events given in class with that of Anne Frank.Create a timeline.


NB. Final deadline for the analysis of The Three Little Pigs.


Science Homework

Topic:Analyzing Science Articles

Complete Analzing Science Article Labs.

NB. Students had to copy lab procedure from their txt bk.p.23 in study Hall to complete homework.

Due: Next Monday

Make a model of the weather instrument given to you by your teacher.

Due : Next Tuesday

English Literature


1.Describe the characters of chapter 1 of Hatchet,using the 3 A’s of characterization:Attitude, Action and Appearance.

B. State whether the charachers are protagonist,antagonist,foil,round,static or dynamic character.

Due:9/26/13@my desk@8:30a.m.