March 22, 2018

English Literature Homework

Topic: Genres of Literature

Due: 9/16/13 @ 8:30 on my desk Rm:209.  All homework must be signed by Parents/Guardians.

Objective: By the end of this project, you will be able to classify books using the

different genre characteristics.

Materials: Hok tag

Genre Choices

1. Realistic Fiction

2. Historical Fiction

3. Science Fiction

4. Fantasy

5. Mystery

6. Nonfiction or Informational Text

7. Traditional Literature

8. Biography

9. Autobiography

Assignment Explanation

This assignment has three components.

1. Research one genre.

2. Prepare a genre poster and a mnemonic device (something

that helps us remember).

3. Teach your class or group through a presentation.

Genre Poster Requirements

1. Name of genre is clearly visible and stands out.

2. Definition of genre using correct words so that students will


3. A summary (words or pictures) of your mnemonic device so

students will be able to remember the definition of this genre.


information that needs to be memorized, but not necessarily understood. A

general rule for any type of mnemonic device is that it must be simple, clear

and vivid. We tend to remember the unusual, the funny, or the personal

4. A picture of some kind is included to represent the genre.

5. Three book titles with authors are listed with all words spelled


6. Three questions are provided that students can ask themselves

to help determine if a book falls into the genre you are


Examples: Historical fiction: Does the story have a historical setting?

Fantasy: Do events seem impossible; for example, does

the story have talking animals, magic wands, or

microscopic people?

Informational Text: Does this nonfiction book explain

natural or social phenomena?

EXTRA CREDIT: A paragraph persuading seventh graders to read

this genre.

Presentation Requirements

1. Teach your class your genre using a complete genre poster.

2. Note cards may be used.

3. Have at least one book representing the genre, and read 2-3

paragraphs so the class can hear what this genre sounds like.

4. Teach the class your mnemonic device so they will remember

the genre definition.

5. Be prepared to answer any questions.

6. The class will take notes in their notebook for each genre while

you are teaching.